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How To ScrapBook with free scrapbooking ideas

How To Scrapbook with free scrapbooking ideas

By now, like me you have TONS of photos of friends and family and wondering How to scrapbook so you can put them altogethor and start sharing them. Scrapbooking can be a delightful way to corral those family photos and memories into an exciting book. Scrapbooking can be relaxing for you as you do it, and a pleasure as you share it.

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Books and articles on scrapbooking you need a book on how to scrapbook for more than 1 child.

1. Make a full-blown scrapbook for each. If you have many photos and memories to preserve, this allows the most space for each child. Your scrapbooking will require more time and money, but will be a labor of love.

The book’s theme will focus on that one child. Place his or her photo and name on the front, and theme every scrapbooking page to that child’s life.

Use family photos, of course, to show the place the child held in family activities.You will want pages that focus solely on that child: baby “firsts”. If a photo shows two of the children together, focus your scrapbooking on that one child’s part in the photo. How did the world look from his eyes or her eyes? Our memories are always, I have found, as seen through our eyes.
Each child can help add to his or her scrapbook. Scrapbooking can be a time of bonding and love that will long be remembered.

2. Make a scrapbook for each. Photos, want to be more selective, or simply have very little time for scrapbooking, a mini scrapbook will still provide individual, tangible memories that can be carried into adult life.

Select just one theme for each double-page spread, with one or two photos on each. Tie the photos together with your theme, mounting them on the same color of torn paper or using identical frames. Mini scrapbooking will not allow for as many family or sibling photos, but remember that this is a book about one child. When you make a mini scrapbook for each child, you can rest assured that each will get full attention. There will be no “left-out” feelings.

A mini scrapbook can be no larger than 6″ x 6″. Or it can be half the size of a standard letter: 5.5″ x 8.5″. You can read details about how to make your own mini scrapbooks in my article entitled, “How to do Mini Scrapbooks”.

Digital mini scrapbooks would be interesting for children, since they live in a computerized world. Digital mini scrapbooks can be less expensive to make, and people who are comfortable with one of the computer graphics programs, such as “Adobe PhotoShop”, will be able to apply interesting effects that are not possible with conventional scrapbooking.

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