Sunday, August 26, 2007

How To Scrapbook - baby scrapbooking

Baby Scrapbooking

Baby scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve those little memories. Whether making a baby boy scrapbook or baby girl scrapbook, you can create pages for your baby scrapbooking needs.
There are a few ways to enhance your scrapbook layouts with some fun techniques.

Once you have learned how to scrapbook
Add dimension to your scrapbook by using foam squares. Make certain pictures "pop off" the page by attaching the photo with 3-D squares. The photo will pop out and get noticed if it is popping out away from the page.

Another fun Baby Scrapbooking suggestion is to add pop up windows. Hide a precious photo behind a pop up window so the child can pull the flap and see the picture. Seeing and feeling different elements on your baby scrapbooking pages will make the book fun for children to look at. Choose fun creative enhancements that your child can touch.

You can improve your baby scrapbooking layouts by including interactivity, too.

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