Saturday, October 6, 2007

5 easy scrapbook page layouts tips

Heres a scrapbook page layout tip, that I've found works very well for me and my girlfriends sister.
As you can see from the scrapbook layout above there. We've designed this scrapbook page digitally. We don't typically do digital scrapbooks, but it is another way of sharing your scrapbook pages with friends and family who are in other parts of the country or even the world.
You can share these in email or flickr, or which ever online photo sharing site you like.

In this example my sisters girlfriend has used the gimp (a photo editing software package - it's free) I prefer using adobe photo shop, to do this scrapbook layout.

Whats great about using digtal scrapbooking tools is that you can do a quick page layout so you can get a feel for how the project is going to look before you commit anything to paper and get messy with glue.

Once you have your general scrapbook layout in mind you can then decide:
1.) upon a scrapbook theme,
2.) what type of materials you want to use,
3.) how you want to organize the scrapbook elements on the page.
4.) Which scrapbook font you want to use.
5.) A good scrapbook title.

In this example: Some Beautiful silver and gold accents make a wonderful touch to lettering or tags on this scrapbook page.
This would also add a very elegant touch on gift scrapbooks or invitations.

To make these accents, stamp a piece of vellum with embossing ink and heat and stick powder. Next, Heat the item.
Then, using a small paintbrush, paint this piece of vellum with gold leaf. Brush off the excess powder with a brush. And bingo you're done and you have a very beautiful and elegant scrapbook layout

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