Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scrapbooking Technique: Creating background template

Heres an a cool easy Scrapbook technique for creating a background template from a photo.

Our 6 yr old boy , wow he's going to be turning 7 in just under a week, amazing how time flies, is in hockey now YAY we're hockey parents now !!

So we were thinking about doing a hockey scrapbook. Following a previous post - 3 easy scrapbooking techniques
We fill our digital camera every game he goes to so we have quite a few (hundreds now) of photos of him on the ice.

So I thought it would be very cool if we took a few of the photos and selected one of them as a background template photo for the hockey scrapbook.

New scrapbook techniques to keep your pages unique and fresh can be tough to find. If you have taken a particularly good scenic shot, have it blown up and use it as a page background. You can have the image enlarged as is, or you can have the image washed out so it fades into the background. Mat other photos or a smaller version of the same photo over the top.
As you can tell we're big users of digital scrapbook techniques. We like to use Adobe photoshop as our digital tool of choice, I use it mostly as a lay out tool then I print off the cropped photos and generally follow the digital photo template I have created.
I have a cool tip I got from our 6 year old about using velcro!!! I'll save that for another day though.

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