Sunday, September 2, 2007

learn how to scrapbook - free scrapbooking ideas?

If you are new to scrapbooking like I was and you have no idea where to begin, I understand!
we have a 6 year old boy and tons of photos. SO we decided we need to learn how to scrapbook.

You probably got interesting in scrapbooking by a friend maybe even a scrapbooking consultant. OR maybe you even thought you would learn how to scrapbook at a scrapbooking party. Learning how to scrapbook is really not all that hard.

I remember going to my first scrapbook party,(what a disaster) because I'm the crafty one in our relationship my girlfriend suggested I go to this scrapbook party. She nagged me "if you want to learn how to scrapbook, you're going to go to this scrapbook party" So I went... and I left so frustrated Why? I was hoping to find some scrapbooking tips techniques

1.) Well because it was full chattering women who wanted nothing more than to just show pictures of their kids, which is all fine and good.

2.) AND because it cost me $10 to make a page that could only fit in some pricey albums that I didn't even like.

3.) I felt i was just being sold scrapbooking supplies.

4.) I was given little to NO guidance from the scrapbooking consultant and wound up cropping my photos way to small. SO I was a little peeved by the whole experience.

Well, as you can pretty much guess, it didn't leave me felling like I wanted to scrapbook, Never mind trying to figure out how to scrapbook in a way I would enjoy!

So a few days later, after I cooled off, I did some searching in craft stores. Looking for books about how to scrapbook. I was looking for some free scrapbooking ideas Was I shocked that there was nothing really available. So I went online and did some searching. I started reading everything I could find, but found the information too vague or not really related.
Yes theres lots of information out there probably a bit too much in fact theres a dizzying amount of scrapbooking information - way to many choices, way too many ideas about how to go about it, but nothing step by step here's "how you scrapbook" And here I thought technology was supposed to make it easier !! WRONG...

For me personally at the beginning I find that simple scrapbooking page ideas are the best suited to me. They accomplish what I need by just getting my photos out of the box and into albums. Simple scrapbook pages also can be a lot less work, with just as nice results!

One resource that wasn't around 7 years ago is a great website called squidoo. So I set one up because it allows me to access some great how to scrapbook ideas and e-books you can download and read to start learning how to scrapbook tonight, even if you're new to scrapbooking!
click here --->> how to scrapbook

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