Friday, September 14, 2007

3 easy scrapbooking tips techniques - Creating Scrapbook designs

Creating Scrapbook designs
Basically, there are THREE main parts to your scrapbook design.
1. Your Photos
2. The Background Design You Lay Your Scrapbooking Photos Out On
3. The Journaling (or the text that describes the photos in your scrapbook)

Seems like a simple Scrapbooking tip huh. And really, it is! There's really not too much more to this scrapbooking technique than those three parts.
Don't let it get overwhelming and complicated.
The rest is left up to your creative mind to hash out. The placement of the photos, the pieces that make up the background design, and the meaningful journal entries are all left up to your form of individual expressionism.

With that said, it's time to get your scrapbook thinking cap on and let your imagination run wild! A good way to come up with creative scrapbooking ideas is to view other scrapbooking samples. And keep a pen and paper handy to write down any ideas that begin to sprout from the scrapbook layout designs of others you're viewing.

And keep in mind that you want to create something ORIGINAL, not just a carbon copy of someone else's work. If it is a design that you really like and would like to try and duplicate, remember to put your own unique spin on the layout.
Otherwise, you will be plagiarizing another person’s hard work!

Some Quick & Useful Scrapbooking tips
If you have a flatbed scanner, you can still make good use of any physical scrapbook kits sold in crafting stores off and online. Basically, anything can be scanned and turned into a digital scrapbooking tool you can utilize time and time again!
Don’t forget that places like Stock X-Change and iStockPhoto have wonderful elements that you can add to your digital scrapbook collage as well! Just type in what you are looking for in either site’s search box, download, and there you have a free digital scrapbooking elements!

Also, free clipart , free scrapbooking fonts , scrapbooking templates and backgrounds that you can get from the net make great digital scrapbooking elements too! Using your favorite browser and Yahoo! Search or Google, type in “free clipart” or “free backgrounds” and you’re off! Remember though, most of the images you find will be free for personal use only, so you won’t be able to sell your digital layouts.

Another great way to come up with some cool scrapbook collages is to think up a theme based on the event taking place in the photos. Where did you go? What are some of the things you did? Is this revealed in the pictures? Most times when we take photos of family outings there is a
BEGINNING - MIDDLE - END type set up within the act of taking the pictures. So, use that to help you layout your scrapbook. (as you can see I have more than few folders of scrapbook images from previous family events)

Depending on the amount of pictures you have , we have TONS and the activities you did while on your outing, you could even break those up into separate layout ideas.
When you scrapbook, pretty much anything goes. If you don't believe this, just take another look through all the scrapbooks of others!
If you're still stuck for an idea to get started creating your own scrapbook, you can download these special scrapbook template packages that can be edited with a simple HTML editing program or photo editing program that accepts .PSD (the Photoshop file extension) files. At the very least they will give you some nice looking background components and special free scrapbooking fonts you can use in your scrapbook creations. And they should give you some good ideas to get started with as well.

Are At The Bottom Of The Page)
Now, as far as the journaling part of this process goes, I found a wonderful article that will give you a few more ideas and make journaling easier for you. Read 'Stress-Free Scrapbook Journaling Ideas' by Elaine Clay right here:

Once you've gotten your layout all done up using your image editing tool(or however you decided to do this), you will need to be sure to save the scrapbook page as a WHOLE IMAGE in an easily viewable format such as .JPG or .GIF. For the best looking image, you will want to use the .JPG format as it gives you the best image quality. And use the highest quality setting, or 100% when saving.
So, you've got your head full of some scrapbooking tips, techniques and layout designs all ready to go. Now all you need is a place to put them and show them off.

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