Friday, September 21, 2007

How to scrapbook - 10 easy scrapbook tips and techniques

10 Easy Helpful Scrapbook Tips and Tricks

After a few months of figuring out how to scrapbook , I've come to the conclusion that there are a few basic and easy scrapbooking tips that might help you scrapbook more efficiently. And these 10 easy scrapbooking tips have helped me create awesome pages in my books.

So with out further ado Here are a few of my 10 favorite scrapbooking tips...

  1. Keep it clean. When working with glue, markers and other messy objects, make sure to wash your hands frequently. When they are clean, they won't mussy up your pages and photos.
  2. Hoard all your scrapbooking paper--you never know when you might need it. (bad tip I know the spouses freak out when they boxes of "stuff")
  3. Whats old is new again. Have old maps? or wrapping paper and fabric scraps? USE THEM!!. These add an extra dimension and texture to scrapbook projects and They're CHEAP!
  4. Use double-sided tape. To tape photos and paper to the scrapbook pages. The plus point? easy to remove if you mess up or dont like the placement of a picture or decide to make obsessive changes the scrapbook layout. TIP, double-sided tape won't make your pages ripple like glue does.
  5. Protect and preserve your pages in plastic sheets. Just make sure they'll fit your scrapbook . The plastic Sheets will help keep the pages clean and neat for years to come. Learned from Grandpa hes a map maker and he uses plastic sheets to protect his maps.
  6. Rip it up. Use Ripped edges. To create a cool look on your pages, take a piece of paper and rip it along one side. This creates a neat looking border with a cool edge again it adds that extra dimension and some texture.
  7. Bigger isn't always better. Small scrapbooks that portray a particular memory, family member or friend make great gifts!!. Find books that are 6" by 6". Small books are quick and easy scrapbook themes.
  8. Bad Handwriting? Use alphabet stickers.
  9. Crumpling. Crumple up your cardstock. It adds visual interest,texture and dimension to the page.
  10. TELL A STORY. Don't just display your photos, tell stories! Did something really funny happen at last year's family reunion? Did uncle Tom fall in the pool? Did little johnny face plant in the birthday cake. Tell stories and and use quotes on your pages, your scrapbook will communicate on a more personal level. Words and pictures stick in the memory longer.

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The Scrap Miser said...

I love the idea of keeping all your paper scraps. Very miserly!